In Order To Change Your Life You Must Change Your Life

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There’s an old saying that says “In order to change your life you must change your life“.

I typically hate phrases like that because I find them to be trite and unsatisfying. They’re not deep enough for me. They don’t mean anything.

But as I sit here in our relatively brand new studio I find that today is the start of something new. Something big. For me at least.

By nature I’ve always been a night owl. I used to routinely stay up to 2 or 3 in the morning and wake up around 10 or 11. I had jobs where I would work from 3pm to 11pm.

It was normal for me to find my peace and quiet in the evening hours. I loved it. I could get so much done. There was nobody around to bother me from whatever I wanted to accomplish. Anything I wanted to do was at my finger tips. If something didn’t get done, I couldn’t blame it on the phone calls or random emergencies.

I had dedicated silent time alone at night and I conditioned myself to be like that for 41 years of my life.

When I was a kid I absolutely hated getting up early in the morning. I hated going to school. I hated being tired. But mostly I hated somebody telling me how I needed to spend my time.

This is probably one of the reasons I rebelled and became a night owl when I had the chance to make my own schedule. I didn’t like anybody telling me what to do or how to do it.

As I’ve got older I can tell my body is changing. No longer can I go out at 10pm to start my night. There were many times where we’d go to a bar or go to the movies at that time and stay out all hours of the night.

I’m glad I’m changing because I no longer want to live like that. There’s something so unmotivating about waking up at 10 in the morning.

Look at any successful person (or healthy person for that matter) and you don’t find many of them staying up that late and getting up in the morning that late either.

Granted there are people who defy the odds. Perhaps they’re old and lived like that for many years because they have good genes. But that doesn’t mean it’s good or even healthy for them. It just means their genes were strong enough to overcome an unhealthy lifestyle.

Yesterday Kate and I were walking up in the hills above our house here in San Juan Capistrano and dreaming about what’s possible for us. People that live in the mansions we saw have land. They have peace and quiet. They have space. They have freedom.

I’m not saying that I’m jealous of people like that but what I’m saying is that I want to be more in control of not just the direction of my life but how it plays out as well.

Rather than asking myself questions like, “Why do these people get to live here?” or “How come they get to live the good life and I don’t?”, Kate and I were asking, “What do we need to do in order to achieve that level of success?”

Now of course I want to reap the rewards of success but I much more enjoy the journey it takes to get where you want to go. As the old saying goes, “It’s all about the journey.”

It really is.

Anybody can win the lottery. All you have to do is buy a ticket. That takes no work. That takes no discipline. Winning the lottery takes about zero effort, planning or foresight.

This is why the majority of lottery winners end up broke within a few short years.

Nothing valuable comes easy. It takes work. It takes hustle. It take grinding. But even more so, it takes people who love those things not for the reward they’ll get or the ego stroke others might give them, it takes people who love those things for the sake of loving them.

I had to ask myself…when was the last time I loved the grind or the hustle? In years past when I was first starting out, did I love rent being due and having nothing in the bank 2 days before it was due?

Hell no.

What was it that kept me in the game?

I believe it was something deeper than loving the grind and loving the hustle.

It was purpose.

It was legacy.

Some people love the journey (and I do too but not all the time) and working hard for what they have. That does take a level of character development but for me it was having a greater purpose.

What was my life going to stand for? How would the world (or at least my world) going to be changed because I was here?

This is much deeper than loving the grind.

This is purpose.

Some people don’t yet know their purpose. And for them I feel sad. If you don’t know what your purpose is on this earth, I would highly encourage you to take the necessary steps in order to find out what your purpose is.

There’s nothing more unmotivating than not knowing your purpose.

It’s a sucky place to be. I was that way for about 35 years of my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

I worked about 15 or 20 jobs by the time I was 25. Some of my jobs included scooping ice cream, working construction, delivering pizzas, painting curb addresses for houses, being a veterinarians assistant, being photographer’s assistant, being a janitor, doing security, working in an IT office, cleaning storage units, working at a surfing magazine company, doing SEO web design, working at a rec center, bagging groceries at a grocery store and this list goes on.

That doesn’t sound much like a person who knows what they want to do right? I did these odd jobs until I was about 36 years old.

But I always knew I wanted to work for myself, run my own hours and control how I lived and what I was doing.

Eventually I stumbled onto something I was passionate about, alternative health and helping people heal themselves without drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or any other aggressive western modalities.

For about 8 years I learned everything I could about alternative health and natural healing. Then after 8 years of learning and experimenting on myself I decided to start a radio show interviewing the top natural doctors in the world and creating a very nice career for myself.

My purpose is simple (and it’s not just related to health), it’s to help people wake up, take responsibility for their lives and realize we’ve been lied to, on just about every level. My purpose is to empower people to start researching and stop taking other people’s word as the definitive truth and final answer.

If more people do that as a result of me being here on this planet than my life’s purpose is complete. It’s my contention that when more people take responsibility for their lives, the better their life will be as well as those around them.

When people are fully awakened, humbly seeking the truth and taking care of themselves (spiritually, emotionally and physically) it becomes infectious. Then the people around them will start doing the same and slowly but surely the world starts changing.

With 7.7 billion people in the world, this is a tall order and will take some time to fully actualize itself.

With all that said, there have been things I have let slip lately. As humans we go through waves of things we do and then we fall away from doing them. It’s natural. It’s normal.

I haven’t been reading as much lately. I love reading books. I’ve been so busy producing shows that I’ve let that part of me slip. I’ve also stopped doing meditation and Qigong, two things that are necessary for me and my personal growth.

It’s really easy to let extra self care things like this slide. I’ve also missed writing on this website. As you can tell from my archives I started out with a bang and then slowly fell off.

I want to leave a legacy and writing on this website is part of that. I just got so bogged down with the grind of production work for Extreme Health Radio that I let things slide.

And I don’t like that.

I decided enough was enough.

When Kate and I were walking in the hills the other day I realized I needed to get back to the things that mattered. Not only is writing on this website something that feeds my soul and allows me to express myself unhindered, but it also is a place that can help serve people into the future while earning money as well.

The latter is the least of the reasons to continue writing but it’s a nice side benefit. There’s nothing wrong with earning some extra money doing something you love.

I think everybody should be doing that. I will write more about that later.

While we were walking I asked myself and Kate what if I had the discipline and decided to write every single day for 3 full years?

That would be 1,080 articles (give or take), 1,080 videos, and 1,080 audio versions of those articles floating out there on the internet helping people and passively earning us extra money.

But it takes discipline.

My new goal as of 4-9-2017 (I don’t follow rules when it comes to goal setting or I would have done this on 1-1-2017) is to write every single day.

Kate and I both have a love for writing. She’s has her own website and is working on a book. We are planning on having kids very soon so it’s really important to get into a habit now and start creating time for ourselves as much as we can.

She needs uninterrupted silence to write which I understand and we only have 2 bedrooms in our condo.

I will wake up at 6am which I did today and drive to the office (which is only about 4 minutes away) and do my daily meditation, qigong, reading and writing.

I will be changing how we do our alternative health radio shows as well. Currently we do them from 9am to 10:30am on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

We need to batch them and record them all on one day which will be on Monday’s.

I will be able to do all of these personal self care tasks before 10am so I can record the shows and still get this important work done.

It’s the only way.

I have to actively carve out time to do these things. Anything that’s important in your life is the same way. They’ll never get done if don’t create the time for them.

This is what I love about being into natural health, personal development and spiritual growth, you can’t half ass it. You have to develop the disciplines and the habits daily to see the results.

I love the grind of doing the things that I love because it not only makes the world better because it’s aligned with my purpose or helps to make us extra money passively but it also helps me to grow.

I’ve found when you force yourself to do something difficult (like lifting weights, public speaking etc) and you get better at them, it causes you to have a subtle confidence. You have self esteem because you know you’re doing something most people don’t have either the stomach or discipline to even consider.

For me I had to find a place in my schedule to get these simple disciplines done. I had to change my entire schedule. I had to change how we organize our time in terms of when we eat dinner, what time we go to bed and more.

So as the saying goes, “If you want to change your life, you have to change your life.”

How are you going to change yours and why are you going to do it?

* * *

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