Your DNA Is The Ultimate Gift You Have Been Given

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An idea I’ve been pondering lately is how our DNA is a gift. It’s like a valuable prized asset that was carefully chosen and gifted to us prior to our incarnation here into this earthly plane.

Think about it, you could have been somebody completely different. You could have received genetics from some other mom or dad that would be completely different.

They say that we don’t choose our parents and that our soul becomes a soul at the time of conception. I believe that that could be true of our corporeal nature but not our true spiritual nature. It makes the most sense to me that we were in some other state of existence long before we came into this life with this body. Quantum physicists call this superposition. It’s when a particle can be moving and not moving at the same time. If it’s true with the very fundamental nature of atomic structures why couldn’t it also be true of our soul prior to inhabiting the body we’re now living in?

I find it fascinating that some people are born into this world with massive amounts of privilege while some people are not. How can we explain being born healthy into a home with rich celebrity parents vs being born in Nigeria to sick parents who have no money? The child (at least according to one way of looking at it) has absolutely no control over where they end up, or do they?

Because the answer to that question is unknowable it’s hardly worth investigating. We are all where we are. We are sitting in chairs or standing up right now, where we are, in this body, right now. We cannot change what is.

Wherever you are right now reading this, is who you are, where you are and what you’re doing. It is what is.

When we decided to spring forth into existence we hit the super jackpot. We got to be a human! Not only did we get to be human but we get to be human in 2016. Granted you might be reading this in war torn Congo or places like that but even still, we’re not a bug or an insect. We. Are. Human.

Can you imagine coming in and it was decided for you to be a bug or an insect? How horrible would that be?

As far as our physical nature, we hit the genetic jackpot.

I think we forget sometimes how noble and incredible it is to be the steward of the most incredible gift we could have ever been given….our DNA as a human being.

Think about how important certain parts of your body are to you as a human. Imagine if you were worth hundreds of trillions of dollars and somebody came along and plucked both your eyes out. If they told you you could have them back but only if you pay them 500 million dollars, would you pay it?

If you were worth hundreds of trillions of course you would. That’s pennies in the bucket to be able to get your eyesight back isn’t it?

It think any rational normal person would pay any amount of money to be able to see again or to walk again or to use their arms or brain again. This stuff is priceless, yet it’s only a small part of our entire body.

For some reason we think that our eyes are important to us but not the entirety of our genetic makeup. Unfortunately we only think our DNA has been given to us in order to live this life.

I think we all get stuck in that kind of thought. We think this body is for this life but what if it were for so much more? The fact that we can reproduce means this body isn’t just for this life. This body is to help create new life.

When we have children we give them the ultimate gift we could give, a copy of our DNA.

We know from people like Dr. Bruce Lipton that there’s a thing called epigenetics where our phenotype and genetic expression actuates based upon our environment. Just because we have a BRCA1 breast cancer gene for example, doesn’t mean it has to be expressed or even potentiated. On the other hand if we give that gene the right environmental stimuli it’s quite easy to express that particular cancer gene.

But the trick is that we get to decide what kind of envorinment we create for our genes and thus it changes how they express. This is huge and it’s talked about in his book The Biology of Belief.

With that said, imagine for a moment you’re making a copy of a one page document you typed up on your computer. The first copy will almost look identical to the original. But if you make a copy from the copy and continue doing that, you’re going to start noticing blurs and etch marks on the paper. After a couple hundred copies the quality is going to be almost unreadable.

That’s essentially what we’re doing with the human race. We’re making copies of copies. Why not see if we can clean our DNA up to become as close to the original as possible? Let’s try going back up the chain and see just how powerful and robust we can be before we bring in a new generation through our procreation.

Our DNA is priceless. It allows us to experience this life in a physical way. It allows us to ambulate and to marry the spiritual to the physical and thus grow stronger into the mystical. Without a physical body how would we feel pain and thus learn deep truths from it? Without a body how could I learn love and forgiveness after being beaten or raped?

The higher levels of our essence seem to vibrate at such high frequencies that we cannot experience them unless we have a conduit (like a body) to bridge the gap between the two. It’s the physical nature of our existence that pulls us into the realm of the spiritual and mystical.

It’s through using our body that we can pierce the veil into another existence all together, where higher frequencies like love and understanding reside.

If you’re given a bad genetic blueprint that might be a gift for you to learn how to reconnect with that which is beyond the physical. But all throughout this life, you’re going to be constantly trying to simply fix what’s wrong physically so you can be back at square one…..which is even with everybody else.

But if you are healthy, vibrant and strong physically (and you still have a desire to dive into the mysteries of existence) it’s possible to radically improve your starting point so you can go even further.

What we have failed to understand is what the ancients called myasms. Myasms are epigenetic emotional/spiritual injuries that get passed down through some sort of physical transfer during conception.

It’s why certain people have a propensity to food addictions or to anger or hate. According to the theory everything we think about, feel and say gets locked into our DNA. It’s why you can make your heart beat fast by thinking stressful thoughts. Or you can make yourself sweat just by thinking and feeling a certain way.

In some strange way, our thoughts (which I believe we download from what some would call the cloud or others would call the morphogenic field or akashic records) get downloaded into our bodies and alter how our genes express themselves.

When we hold onto anger it can affect our physiology in a negative way. When we hold on constantly we call that a pattern and it eventually becomes a habit which we get addicted to. Habits (especially negative ones) are incredibly addicting.

Our cells are controlled by our genes and these are both controlled environmentally by what we think, what we eat, what we expose ourselves to, how we behave and what emotions we feel.

It’s a pretty strange idea to think that everything we think, say, do and feel affects future generations of genetic expressions. It’s not just important for a woman to take care of herself during pregnancy but it’s important for much deeper spiritual reasons.

If we do come back and do this all over again, every thought we think and action we take affects karma. If you want to read a great book on this I would recommend Seat of The Soul by Gary Zukav or even You Are The Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

What I fail to realize a lot of the time is that my genes are a gift. My DNA is the most incredible gift I could have ever been given. If you were given a priceless gift by somebody like a car or a house what would you do with it?

Would you complain about how the car isn’t the color you wanted? Would you complain that the house doesn’t have a pool in the backyard like you wanted?

Would you constantly argue with the person who gave you that gift that you don’t like it or you don’t like how it looks? Or would you be constantly thankful you have a roof over your head?

Nothing is more valueable than having the DNA of a human living on planet earth in 2016.

Instead of complaining about the home not having a pool in the backyard, why not dig a hole and build one? Don’t like the color of the car? Get it painted. Don’t like how the home looks? Decide to remodel it.

If you don’t like how you always succumb to temptation (whether it’s food, work addiction or anything), instead of giving in, beating yourself up and then complaining about how weak you are, develop a strategy for overcoming that addiction the next time temptation arises.

We have the choice to do all this. But we first must realize that our genes can change based up on environmental stimulus. If you don’t believe that, then you’re stuck in a world where you are completely powerless to your genes.

If people have told you, your genes are a certain way and there’s nothing you can do about it, then the only natural response is to give in and feel powerless.

What every industry in the world wants you to think is that you’re powerless. Your genes cause disease and there’s nothing you can do about it except to take their drug or pill.

If you feel like you have no control, it’s because you’re probably spending too much time listening to other people rather than cultivating your own intuition.

I know for me, the more I listen to the news, watch TV or hang around certain people for too long, it takes all my power away. It makes me feel like there’s no hope because the world works in a certain way and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Imagine for a minute that your DNA and your genes are in a big bowl. Kind of like washing a bunch of apples under the sink. Only your DNA is dirty. It’s dirty with angry emotions and disempowering thoughts. Your DNA is sitting in that bowl covered and wrapped up with worms and dirt that represent your negative thoughts, your unresolved anger, your laziness, poor food habits and whatever else you don’t like about yourself.

As you look down you see lesions on the side of your DNA sitting in that bowl. The lesions are sores that are not healed. They’re oozing pus and blood all over the place.

But as you look down you see hundreds of these little sores and lesions all over your DNA. Somehow you know what good DNA looks like and yours is far from what looks perfect or even normal. Your DNA looks injured. It looks like it’s just hanging on for dear life. It looks like it’s minutes away from breathing its last breath.

Your DNA could and should be so much more. If you just didn’t believe all those thoughts your whole life. If you just didn’t eat all those unhealthy foods what would your DNA look like instead? If you just didn’t hold onto all that anger and fear that’s been damaging your DNA, things would be different now.

The bowl of DNA sitting before you would look healthy, young, supple, vibrant and teaming with life. This is the DNA that could have been.

But now it’s too late, because you must present this bowl of DNA to your child as a gift. This is the DNA that he/she gets to use to create their life.

It gets to create its own life that’s now wrought with fear, anger, rage, food addictions, poor habits and even worse health.

Our DNA is a gift not to just future generations in our family lineage but it’s a gift to our future selves in future lives. If DNA carries karma then by treating our genes with reverence and respect is a gift not only to our family line but also to future lives and future karma that no longer needs an entire lifetime to be worked out.

So the next time you hold onto anger or fear think about how it’s affecting your genetic expression. The next time you eat fast food ask yourself how is this affecting my DNA that my future child will one day receive?

Because the only difference between consuming chemicals by eating fast food when you’re 17 or 25 and pregnant is just time.

Let’s give the gift of clean genes to our future selves and the next generation by doing everything we can to realize our DNA is truly a gift of the highest order.

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