FFAF-Show-New1Justin Stellman is a writer and radio show host. He is widely recognized with having one of the most successful alternative health radio shows on the internet.

His show which he co-hosts with his wife Kate, is a weekly program dedicated to providing free information for those seeking natural alternatives to their health conditions.

After taking a year off from his career to travel to over 13 countries around the world, Justin began to search out new ideas and question many of the concepts he previously held to be true.

He is constantly searching for new ideas, refining his thinking, and testing what works and what doesn’t. It’s a refining process that ultimately is in search for human potential and truth.

In 2003 Justin began his new life of personal development by changing his diet to a 100% raw food vegan which he did for 7 full years. It was through his journey into health and nutrtiion that he sought to become the strongest version of himself. As a result this quote has continued to be a source of inspiration:

You Are The Heir To All The Ages In The Foremost Ranks Of All Time. All our ancestors’s hopes, dreams and ideas live inside you.

By continually seeking to be the fullest expression of his gifts, this site was born. It was a natural outgrowth of what was happening inwardly. Justin is also interested in a wide array of topics like free energy, implosion technology, conspiracy theories, ancient civilizations, spirituality and most of all personal mastery.

The writings on this site are the result of the last 20 years of his own evolution and yet ultimately this site is for you.

Justin currently resides in South Orange County California with his wife and dog Maggie Brown Longbottom.